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I received this email last night from Grant Dangerfield:

Is there any scripture or prophecy that might answer the question: “Will the Holy Ghost have the opportunity to gain a physical body”? And when might that be?

It got me thinking, I mean I knew He didn’t have a body and I don’t recall ever thinking about after everything happens, will He get a body then? So I did some quick searching and found a pretty concise answer to the question.

Joseph Fielding Smith

Joseph Fielding Smith

AVOID SPECULATING ON DESTINY OF THE SPIRIT. The Holy Ghost is not a personage with a body of flesh and bones, and in this respect differs from the Father and the Son. The Holy Ghost is not a woman, as some have declared, and therefore is not the mother of Jesus Christ.

It is a waste of time to speculate in relation to his jurisdiction. We know what has been revealed and that the Holy Ghost, sometimes spoken of as the Holy Spirit, and Comforter, is the third member of the Godhead, and that he, being in perfect harmony with the Father and the Son, reveals to man by the spirit of revelation and prophecy the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our great duty is so to live that we may be led constantly in light and truth by this Comforter so that we may not be deceived by the many false spirits that are in the world.

I have never troubled myself about the Holy Ghost whether he will sometime have a body or not because it is not in any way essential to my salvation. He is a member of the Godhead, with great power and authority, with a most wonderful mission which must be performed by a spirit. This has satisfied me without delving into mysteries that would be of no particular benefit.

Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, comp. Bruce R. McConkie, 3 vols., (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1954–56), 1:39.

I found this information at the FAIRMormon Wiki, more specifically on the page Holy Ghost/Identity, so really it appears there is no real clear answer on the subject and nothing has really been said or stated. One of those, you’ll find out when you reach the other side of the veil.

Well I hope this helped clear up the question Grant, and thanks for asking.

Reminder, send in questions – this is kind of fun looking for answers…

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  1. I believe in the possibility that when certain important events of Gospel history were in progress, we were present to witness such events. For instance, I believe that when Joseph Smith’s First Vision took place, many of us were there, and saw, heard, and felt, what was taking place, so we would be witnesses to these important events. Whether or not I was there, I do know by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, that Joseph Smith’s First Vision really did happen and I know it more sureidly than if I was there to witness it.

  2. This is a great testimony building website. Please keep up the good work. For the God and Father of us all has said, this is my work, and my glory, to bring to pass the imortality and eternal life of man.
    Thank you.

    Dale R. Hilton

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