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S.W.O.TToday at work we had a meeting that discussed the strategic planning method known as S.W.O.T. As we went through concepts and ideas for out IT group, it occurred to me this might make for a great FHE lesson. While I didn’t have a complete idea for how I would approach this with my family, I knew I needed to present it.

So I busted out the white board and basically put 4 columns on it.

Column 1 was for Strengths. Which I had the family discuss what they thought were our families strengths.

Column 2 was for Weaknesses. Again had then give me what they thought were our families weaknesses.

Column 3 was for Opportunities. Listed out the responses.

Column 4 was for Threats and finished up the board with what the family thought were threats to our family.

After filling in each column, I had everyone come up and rank the values (pick 2 per column) and found the top 2 for each one. As we were going through the picking and selecting, I decided I wasn’t happy with the list of strengths, and I saw everything come together (it didn’t hurt that I had prayed about figuring something out with our families struggles this morning).

What it boiled down to is that one of the threats in the list was a threat to our spirituality, which could cascade into and produce a number of our weaknesses. I saw the opportunity to tie the spiritual threat to one of our weaknesses which was goal setting. So after asking the kids what were some ideas on what we could do to overcome our weaknesses and to protect us better from our threats – I suggested that we change our scripture study. It seems in my family that when we read late at night before bed we’re all tired and cranky and it leads to a lot of contention during scriptures. So I made the suggestion of either having early morning scriptures or scriptures right after dinner. Low and behold, my middle child made the suggestion, why¬† not have both! How awesome is that? I’m excited to see how this goes, and it’s going to be work on everyone’s part because none of us like getting up in the morning – me included. But we did manage to have our evening scripture right after FHE (did I mention FHE went quick so the kids kept focus) and it was about an hour earlier then usual and it went very well.

I bring this up as an easy FHE lesson idea. You can tailor it to your own families needs and guide the direction from your families answers to meet the needs of your family. It worked for us very well because it led right into some issues we have and gave a direction on how to work on solving them. Starting with a single goal and snow balling it into moving weaknesses into the strength column (by making the opposite true). I think it works fairly well for even younger kids because they can be made to feel a part of it with suggestion and allowing them to vote and again, it only lasted about 30 minutes with everything (a couple of single verse songs and opening and closing prayer).

So give it a try and let me know how it goes…

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  1. Julie says:

    Awesome! Mike liked the lesson idea too. We’ll keep you posted when we do it for FHE and see how our boys do. Keep it up!

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  3. Cathie says:

    Thanks for this idea, i was searching for an idea to help deal with contention in our home… this lesson fit in perfectly and we were able to work on ways as a family to build on our strengths by conquering our weaknesses… Awesome idea

  4. Emily Jones says:

    Goal setting is very important specially if you want to plan long term.~–

  5. Megan Ally says:

    Goal setting is very important if you want something to be done in a short period of time.-`*

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