Topical Guide Tuesday: Respect

Respect Others

Respect Others

I was cooking dinner the other night, and I decided to listen to the Mormon Channel to try and recoup the spirit in our house. At the time, it was a talk portion called “Standing Up” and this episode was on “civility”. As the show progressed, I thought it might make for a good Topical Guide installment. While I didn’t find “civility” in the topical guide, I did fine the next best thing, “respect”.

I didn’t get to catch the entire show, but it started out by talking about what things have gone missing [in some] in our daily lives. Specifically speaking about what “reality tv” shows are presenting to those watching. They spoke about the anger and backbiting, and other awful behavior they present as everyday life.

Recently, we’ve had to move to the Salt Lake valley – in that move we picked up a broader cable package because there was a deal – but it’s been less then a blessing. There’s too many channels and a lot of them are just garbage, at any rate it’s left me with a lot of flipping around and no shortage of reality shows on. The promotion of disrespect is painfully oblivious, and makes me sick. They group people who will have issues, and then pray on these issues to create the conflict. I’m not actually sure why people need to watch others conflict when I’m sure they have their own, or is there something deeper that needs to be quenched by all the fighting and disrespect? Alright, enough of that diatribe – let’s move on…

I am in love with using an online edition of a very specific dictionary, it puts things in better perspective when it comes to the scriptures, and this countries greatest document the Constitution. It is the 1828 Noah Websters dictionary. But I wanted to look up both words, civility and respect to see what they mean at that time period.


1. The state of being civilized; refinement of manners; applied to nations; as distinguished from the rudeness of barbarous nations.
2. Good breeding; politeness; complaisance; courtesy; decorum of behavior in the treatment of others, accompanied with kind offices, and attention to their wants and desires. Civility respects manners or external deportment, and in the plural, civilities denote acts of politeness.

RESPECT’, v.t. [L. respecto, or respectus, from respicio; re and specio, to view.]

1. To regard; to have regard to in design or purpose.
In orchards and gardens, we do not so much respect beauty, as variety of ground for fruits, trees and herbs.
2. To have regard to, in relation or connection; to relate to. The treaty particularly respects our commerce.
3. To view or consider with some degree of reverence; to esteem as possessed of real worth.
I always loved and respected Sir William.
4. To look towards.
Palladius adviseth the front of his house should so respect the south. [Not in use.]
To respect the person, to suffer the opinion or judgment to be influenced or biased by a regard to the outward circumstances of a person, to the prejudice of right and equity.
Thou shalt not respect the person of the poor. Lev. 19.
Neither doth God respect any person. 2Sam. 14.

I also want to mention another aspect of respect, this is personal respect. The trend, and this goes beyond my meagerĀ  life – but it seems progressionary. People have been loosing respect for themselves and it’s getting worse every year.

I have to say, my kids are pretty neat – at their ages they already understand modesty. So it’s rather annoying when we go out shopping all the filth they are witness too. The half naked women, the swearing, etc that people are so proudly displaying as if a badge of honor. We try to teach our kids that going outside the house we are to look respectable and that we use proper language. Now I don’t know everyone’s circumstances but in my mind it’s merely a choice, nothing else on how they behave, or dress. Skimpy clothes do not cost less then modest clothes and choosing what to say is free.

I guess my question, or better yet my reasoning behind talking about respect and civility is that I’ve noticed a big lack of it, and yes Im guilty of it too – but I want to be better then that. I believe to some degree, some of our current social ailments are attributable to the definite lack of respect and civility.

So let’s see what kind of difference we can make by adding some extra respect and civility to our lives.

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