Topical Guide Tuesday: Family, Eternal

The Eternal Family Through Christ by Judith Mehr

The Eternal Family Through Christ by Judith Mehr

I know, I know – it’s been awhile. I have no excuses really – though I have been busy, though lately I’ve been the opposite of busy – I’ve actually had nothing to do since the end of May (workforce reduction).

This past Sunday, my wife had the opportunity to speak being part of a newly installed Primary Presidency, and her topic was the Eternal Family. I thought, what better way to get back in the saddle then with that topic. I mean, I have a family and we’re sealed together and I never really thought much past the topical notion of being sealed for all time and eternity. But what does it mean beyond that?

I’m sure some of us have had that thought, so if I’m sealed to my family and to my parents and so on, in theory isn’t everyone sealed to someone? I know it might be a bit juvinile, and I know that a lot of it gets worked out on the other side of the veil, but it’s been one of those nigglers in the back of mind since I was a kid and I really haven’t found much of an answer for it – but I digress, let’s get back on topic.

So looking up Family, Eternal in the topical guide yeilds a list of scriptures to reference. The one that cought my attention (well really because I had read in it another article) is D&C 138:48.

Foreshadowing the great work to be done in the atemples of the Lord in the bdispensation of the fulness of times, for the redemption of the dead, and the csealing of the children to their parents, lest the whole earth be smitten with a curse and utterly wasted at his coming.

Which got me wondering about this “earth be smitter with a curse and utterly wasted at his coming”. What exactly is going on here? I don’t remember (and it might be I wasn’t paying attention that day) ever learning about it. But I need to find some answers.

While I don’t have a direct answer, after reading “The Sealing and Binding” [When A Child Wonders by Robert L. Millet] I did start to get an idea of what’s so important here. We’ve all heard the message of Elija concerning “the hearts of the children should turn to their fathers” and vice-a-versa, right – well the curse also comes from Elija. Basically, and please correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s that these eternal familia bonds are a representation of how a spiritual family works. The plan was laid out, and given to Joseph Smith – explained if you will, and he understood it to mean that if this isn’t done then what was the point and we on earth fail. Did that make sense?

Let me break it down with a little example.

You are stranded on a desert island, all you have with you is the plans to build a house. If you follow the plans and build the house you will have a warm, safe shelter to live in. If you don’t, well you’ll end up dying a horrible death.

So in this example, the plan is the sealing powers. To be an eternal family we have to be sealed, which require those keys and ordinances which enable us to become an eternal family  The house is the eternal family. So if we build a strong home, it will shelter us through thick and thin, keep us warm in our hearts with the love of Christ. And well dying a horrible death is the curse.

Something else to think about,

Every person married in the temple for time and for all eternity has sealed upon him, conditioned upon his faithfulness, all of the blessings of the ancient patriarchs, including the crowning promise and assurance of eternal increase, which means, literally, a posterity as numerous as the dust particles of the earth” (Millennial Messiah, 264).

Granted I haven’t covered all the aspects of the Eternal Family – but I hope I have shed a little light on the subject. I emplore you to study more on the subject by reading some of the pertinant articles found from¬† searching on LDS.org. There’s always so much to learn, or relearn, or update…

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  1. Lindsay B says:

    This is what I think (believe). No, I don’t have a reference to back it up. But once sealed to someone then everyone sealed to you or them are then sealed to each other. That’s why the sealing ordinance is so important. Things to get a bit foggy in [humanity's] imperfection though. I’m sealed to my husband. His mom and dad were sealed in the temple, but divorced and excommunicated. His Dad since then has been sealed to his 2nd spouse. Would that sealing still count? I would think it should count for the kids because obviously they did nothing to break that covenant. Pretend that is true. So that would mean because Sam is sealed to his brothers I would also be sealed to them as a sister(in-law). That’s one oft those eternal things I have to take on faith though. I don’t know how my family will resolve itself in the eternities (being a convert and having my parents divorced, and no they’re not members), but I can do my best to try to do all the work I can and try to proclaim the gospel to them.

  2. The family is the most important group of people on earth. Our earthly family is patterned after our heavenly family. We were all brothers and sisters in heaven. We were children of God. God was the leader of our heavenly home. We received loving care and guidance from our heavenly parents.

    God sent each of us to a family here on earth. He has given parents the responsibility to care for each of His children while they are here on earth. Parents should love their children and provide for them food, clothing, and a home. They should teach their children about God and how they may become like Him.

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