Topical Guide Tuesday: Sacred

Inside the Temple

Inside the Temple

Last week, I came across an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about Temple Worship. While the article was fine, the comment section was full of vile, bitter, sacrilegious offenses. I mean it seriously made me ill reading over it. There were things I hold sacred, written across the internet for all to see. Needless to say, it prompted me to my current topic this week, Sacred.

12 And it was because of the apride of their hearts, because of their exceeding briches, yea, it was because of their oppression to the cpoor, withholding their food from the hungry, withholding their clothing from the naked, and smiting their humble brethren upon the cheek, making a dmock of that which was sacred, denying the spirit of prophecy and of revelation, murdering, plundering, lying, stealing, committing adultery, rising up in great contentions, and deserting away into the land of Nephi, among the Lamanites- [Hel 4:12]

And what happened after that? One only needs to read verse 13 to see,

13 And because of this their great wickedness, and their aboastings in their own strength, they were left in their own strength; therefore they did not prosper, but were afflicted and smitten, and driven before the Lamanites, until they had lost possession of almost all their lands. [Hel 4:13]

The often quoted, “is nothing sacred” seems to be a common mantra these days. TV, Movies, the written word – all seem to try their best at pushing the envelope of what they can get away with. We are bombarded with Satan’s corruption of what was once holy. Everything is fair game it seems, including what goes on in our Temples. It saddens me that people that knew better at one point in their lives, find it necessary to throw pearls before swine. Where is the respect, the courtesy?

My challenge for this week, and really it’s for the month – because I know how busy things can get during the week, is to add one extra temple session to your normal month’s routine. Use the opportunity to remove yourself from the world, and feel the love of Christ. Nothing is as refreshing as a visit to the Temple, for me.

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  1. LaurieBee says:

    Excellent article — and I’m calling to make an appointment at the Sacramento Temple today.

  2. What a wonderful challenge. This week is our Stake week for the Temple. Our stake president has asked us to go to the Temple, offering an entire day in devotion at the Temple. He terms it an “offering in righteousness.” He asks us to do this twice a year, in addition to our usual Temple attendance. Even though I go to the temple on a regular basis there is just something about spending the day in the Temple doing multiple sessions that brings the spirit into your life. During this Stake week of offering, it is incredible the amount of Temple work that gets done.

    Inthedoghouse’s last blog post..Ceremonial Clothing and Temple Worship

  3. Helaman says:

    I guess I’m spoiled, we just walk in at the Logan Temple…I’ve never had to make an appointment.

  4. Matt says:

    I agree, what an excellent challenge for the week/month. Living in the Salt Lake Valley this seems like a very timely challenge, with the recent dedication of the Draper Temple and the upcoming dedication of the Oquirrh Temple. It goes to show how important temples are and that the word of God will go forth.

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