Because I like simple things – Mormons Made Simple

I got a comment from Doug – who due to my own mismanagement didn’t have a contact form for him to use – but that besides the point. He let me know of his site and what it was all about, Mormons Made Simple.

When I got home I got a chance to check it out, because the premise was, well, simple. At the time of writing this it looks like there is only a couple of videos available, but I’m excited for the release of “The Plan Of Salvation”.

Right now you can watch “Attending A Mormon Church Service” and “The Book Of Mormon”. Both are very easy to understand and actually explain quite a bit. They’re only about 3 minutes or so in length so watching them is quick.

I think Doug has a cool idea going on here, and I hope it grows.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention Doug!

Here’s the two videos



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